Announcing the VSAC 2018 Scientific Committee

Dear Colleagues,

The first announcement of the new year is here but first, let us wish you a happy 2018! We hope you all had a great holiday time with your dear ones.

We are pleased to announce the VSAC 2018 Scientific Committee for the upcoming conference that will be held on August 24-26 in Trieste, Italy.

The Committee consists of a selection of internationally recognized vision scientists and experts from a broad range of disciplines. Their task is to assist in the planning of the 6th Visual Science of Art Conference: in particular, they are charged with the development of the scientific program including reviewing and selecting topics, speakers, posters and chairs for the scientific sessions.

Please welcome (in alphabetical order):

Rossana Actis-Grosso
Liliana Albertazzi
Marco Bertamini
Nicola Bruno
Carmelo Calì
Claus-Christian Carbon
Olga Daneyko
Walter Gerbino
Pietro Guardini
Akiyoshi Kitaoka
Ute Leonards
Slobodan Marković
Stefano Mastandrea
George Mather
Marcos Nadal
C. Alejandro Parraga
Baingio Pinna
Bilge Sayim
Alessandro Soranzo
Branka Spehar
Oliver Tošković
Rob van Lier
Johan Wagemans
Maarten Wijntjes
Daniele Zavagno
Sunčica Zdravković

The organizers:
Rossana Actis-Grosso & Daniele Zavagno

Image Copyrights:
Welcome CC BY-SA 3.0 Nick Youngson / Alpha Stock Images