Abstract Submission is now open

Dear Colleagues,

Abstract submission for VSAC 2018 (the 6th Visual Science of Art Conferenceis now open. Abstracts must be submitted via EasyChair using the following link: 


The deadline for submitting an abstract is March 31, 2018. The word limit for all abstracts is 200. All abstracts will be peer reviewed by members of the VSAC 2018 Scientific Committee. A notification to first authors will be provided by May 31, 2018. All first authors of abstracts should be registered to the conference by April 30, 2018. Information about registration will be posted on the website asap. Participants can be first author only of one abstract, exception made for conference interventions that we called “Art Workshops”.

In fact, in addition to Posters and Talks, this year we are experimenting an additional type of conference intervention: Art Workshop, a cultural crosstalk between art and vision science. The entire afternoon of August 24 (Friday) will be reserved to this format.

Artists who would like to experiment this new crosstalk format are invited to provide an abstract concerning their work, along with additional material illustrating their work, and they are also invited to contact the researcher with whom they would like to share the crosstalk event. The initiative of a crosstalk event can be also proposed by a scientist who identifies an artist(s) that he would like to present and comment on. The researcher who accepts to take part in the crosstalk will still be allowed to be first author of the scientific work they intend to present, be it a poster or a talk. Researchers who accept to take part to the crosstalk event are not requested to supply an abstract – unless they are the proponents for the crosstalk – but are invited to communicate to the organizers of VSAC 2018 their acceptance. Finally, a special “poster” session is programmed on Monday 24, during which artists can provide detailed information about their work in any acceptable format (the size of the space for each artist will be communicated asap). Being this a new format, we hope it will work and that it will capture the interest of many VSAC and ECVP aficionados.

Follow this link for submitting your contribution and for reading information about guidelines, important dates, topics and formats.
Please note that a free EasyChair account is requested.

All questions about submissions should be emailed to cfa@vsac2018.eu

The organizers:
Rossana Actis-Grosso & Daniele Zavagno


Image Copyrights:
Image CC0 Public Domain by Alicia Zinn